Benefits for Everyone!

Benefits for Everyone!

When you’re Head Squirrel, you’ve got so many responsibilities that the stress can cause your whiskers to fall out. Providing benefits to your employed squirrels can be a huge headache and expense, but not when it comes to choosing a credit union. Offering your employees membership in Oak Trust Credit Union is a no-cost benefit. Yes, you read that correctly: no cost. A free benefit. You may need to give your squirrels some time to learn about all that Oak Trust offers, but we are here for you! Our staff is ready to support and educate each and every one of your squirrels. Oak Trust will build relationships with you and actually get to know you, all the while offering the products and services you and your squirrels need with the convenience you’ve come to expect. Oak Trust Credit Union: the benefit that isn’t ironic.

March 6, 2016

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