Banking with Humanity

Here’s a picture of Matt. Matt doesn’t have much going for him – he’s bland, short-nailed, and practically always wears pants. Not as interesting as a squirrel. But Matt’s been handling credit union accounts for years, and you know what? He’s perfect. A lot of squirrels will overlook the value of a good human when it comes to money management. Don’t. Humans are boring, yes – but boring’s what you want when it comes to someone handling your checking or savings account or getting you a low-rate loan on that new vehicle. With money, it’s the boring little things that make the difference. And as far as I know, Matt’s life is nothing but boring little things. If you’re sick of your bank and want to try working with a human, send Matt an email. He can help you with that checking account, savings account or new loan pretty quickly. Save the excitement for nut-chucking season. You can call Matt directly at 630-792-2928 if you want to experience the full humanness. He’ll get back to you fast. He doesn’t have anything interesting to do.

March 7, 2016

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